For this week’s Closer Look we’ve got Krooked’s new Big Boy deck in 9 X 33.25, a new Krooked Guest Artist limited deck from Quentin de Briey in 8.25 X 32.22 Full with photo collage top and bottom full prints. REAL’s new 8.75 X 32.86 Double Dipped Oval Team Edition deck. Davis’ new Spectrum Pro Starboard deck utilizes spectrum colored ply layups with a custom Minnesota Viking graphic in Red 8.06 X 32 and Blue 8.5 X 32.5 versions, both with black gradient transparent overlays. HUF’s LTD NY Re-issue comes in 8.25 X 32 with natural veneer bottom plies and feature’s HUF’s own Mellow Concave. Kyle’s new Rosa deck comes in Pig Skin Pink top and bottom veneers to match his new kicks and comes with wheel wheels….yep he digs ‘em. Available in 8.25 X 32 & 8.38 X 32.56. Todd Francis inked a new Antihero Wonderful Life mini-series for Gerwer, 8.06 X 31.97, Trujillo, 8.18 X 31.84, Pfanner, 8.25 X 32.22 Full and Russo 8.4 X 32 all on assorted bottom veneers. Daan got his custom Lance Mountain guest artist deck in 8.25 X 32. Cardiel’s Feral Pro One-Off is here in two shapes 8.43 X 32.57 and 9.3 X 33. Mike Anderson get’s some street justice, 8.25 X 32 and 8.62 X 32.56 both with dark green stained bottom veneers. Cromer’s got an ailment Pro One-Off in 8.06 X 32 and 8.5 X 32.18. Click here to see the full closer look collection, now live in the DLX Cafe.