This week’s Closer Look brings in a whole new shipment of Fall Drop 1 goods from Krooked, REAL, Thunder and Antihero. Chima and Kyle get sick as fuck with new REAL Allergies all over floral print decks on hand dipped vertically stained veneers in 8.4 X 32 & 8.06 FULL X 31.97 and 8.5 X 32.5 & 8.25 FULL X 32.22. Dennis and Ishod enter the Temple of Skate for the newest REAL artist Collaboration with artist Mr. Tucks from Singapore, featuring Embossed wave patterns only on the nose and tail, full color screen on top, and a poster with each. Thunder’s all new Tonal Elite Hollow Lights arrived with all over tonal front prints and mainliner logo black prints on Blue, Gold and Polished Hangers. Krooked’s Time will Tell new shapes hit the shelves with two sizes 8.75 X 32.75 & 9.3 X 33. Antihero’s Postal Pro Series on stained veneers. Daan 8.18 X 31.84 , Grosso 8.75 X 32.75 , Pfanner 8.4 X 32 and 8.25 X 32.22 Full. Plus, Grosso’s new Pro One Off Propaganda decks in 8.5 X 32.5 and 9.25 X 32.9. Kyle gets fancy as fuck with his new REAL Genuine decks printed in two colors, with raised tonal highlights in8.18 X 31.84 and 8.38 X 32.56. Bobby Worrest and Dan Dehobl have new Faded Pro decks with all over split color full dips in 8.25 X 32.22 Full and 8.06 X 31.97 Full. Click here to see the full closer look collection, now live in the DLX Cafe.