This week’s Closer Look brings in a new batch of Fall Drop 1 Venture Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, and new arrivals from Krooked and REAL. Venture has Dane Vaughn’s first ever Pro Big Easy V-Light Trucks, and new Icon Team Trucks in white and gold. Spitfire’s new Radial Slim Black Night Crawlers arrived in 52 & 54mm, along with an all new, never before offered size, 51mm, 101DU Radial Slim. Krooked released it’s new Bird Slicks in 8.06 and 8.25 with an all over Krooked K embossed slick pattern bottom. Bobby Worrest’s Star Struk Pro One off in 8.18 X 31.84 and 8.62 X 32.56 all on assorted bottom veneers, the newest Krooked Hoi Pollio Team series in 8.125 X 32 , 8.38 X 32.43 FULL and 8.5 X 32.5. The Sky’s the Limit with Ishod’s REAL Sky High Pro One-Off featuring smooth, color gradient, blue stained bottom veneers and the dove photo top graphic that brings it all together. 2 Shapes, both on R1 Construction, 8.25 X 32 & 8.06 FULL X 31.97. Peter Hewitt’s new Off The Rails 99DU Pro Spitfire Wheel in the Conical Full Shape available in 54 & 56mm.