This week brings in more new wood to the racks including Antihero’s New Beginning Series with Apocalyptic Pantone Pro Decks from Trujillo, Gerwer, Hewitt and Roy. Kyle gets Fancy as fuck with his new REAL Genuine decks printed in two colors, with raised tonal highlights in 8.18 and 8.38, Ishod goes Sky High with blue stained bottom veneers with photo realistic white clouds in 8.06 Full and 8.25. Brock gets into a blurry 3-some. The second batch of Premium Ovals from Chima, Jake and Ishod arrived, this time with split colored veneers each with textured feel and semi-transparent ink finish. Cory Kennedy’s flying eye Dazed Formula Four Pro Edition 99DU comes in the Conical shape 53mm white and 52mm Purple/Pink Swirl. All new Krooked Stuntwood shape with faded pink/purple stained bottom veneers. Sebo and Anderson face off as Jekly 8.06 and Hyde 8.06 for Krooked’s newest mini Pro Series. The next addition to the Krooked Guest Artist series, featuring custom artwork from Fernando Oliveira. Only 350 made, each hand numbered. Click here to see the full closer look collection, now live in the DLX Cafe.