New on Deck - Week of Jan 16th

This week's New On Deck has new Spring Drop 1 Products from Spitfire, Thunder, and Venture. Miles Silvas' new Thunder Titanium Homecourt Trucks in Lo 145, Hi 147, and Hi 149. The New Ishod Wair Drift Hollow Lights from Thunder in Hi 147 and Hi 149. These wheels have to be seen in person! Evan Smith's new Spitfire Formula Four Third Eye Swirls in 53mm.You know Ishod is backing the new Formula Four Afterburners! The Spitfire Formula Four Afterburners put a new spin on the classic wheel. G.R.A.N.T.S. Applications are shipping with all orders until we run out. You get 1 Application for every hardgood in your order; so if you get 10 boards, 10 trucks, and 10 wheels, you get 30 Applications. When a customer buys a Deluxe Product from your store, they get an Application to apply for a Grant. The instructions are on the back of the Grant Application Card and you'll also receive a poster with all the info to put up in the shop.

On Back Order
$ 14.20

LO 5.2
LO 5.2 - On Back Order