Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support during these difficult months of the Pandemic.

Sharing an update on our stock, shipping, inventory status with everyone (as it feels like it changes weekly… sorry, we wish it wasn’t like this).

As you know, we closed the B2B for a bit to get caught up on existing orders that had been waiting to ship. We continue to work with a limited crew here on-site, and things are moving a bit slower than in the past. Sorry for the impact this is having on your end. We are doing ALL we can to get great stuff in and shipped out as fast as possible.

While the B2B was closed, we used that time to fill the existing orders, and receive a substantial quantity of new products. We opened the B2B back up on Monday, June 29, with some qty restrictions on SKUs to try and even it out for everyone. The response floored us and our resources. In 2 hours, we got almost three weeks of orders, most were larger than normal ones (thank you). Shortly after opening, our server, overwhelmed by the response, ended up freezing for most of the day.

We considered shutting the B2B back down that same day, but we decided to leave it open as long as possible to give all a chance to order.

Unfortunately, after the last week, we found ourselves in a similar spot as a few weeks ago. We are behind in shipping existing orders. We want to make sure we have inventory to fulfill those orders, so we cover as many of them as possible.

Unfortunately, we need to close the B2B down now to get the existing orders out as quickly as possible.

We are working on ideas and processes that will hopefully help us ship quicker, safely, with our smaller staff.

We are also working closely with our factories, adjusting past processes that will help them produce as much as they can, as quickly as they can, without any quality changes.

During this time, we will restock and update the B2B with a bunch of new products coming in in the next few weeks so that when it is open again, everything is there and correct.

If you were not able to get an order in the past two weeks, please check with Eastern, AWH, Southshore, and Ocean Ave, they may have what you need, and the last thing we want is to have you lacking product (even if it’s not ours, please make sure you are covered).

Again – it can’t be said enough how thankful we are for your understanding and support.

We know this Pandemic has deeply affected so many.

We hope you, your family, shop crew and community are doing ok, are safe and healthy.

We’ll all get through this - together.

Please give us a call anytime; we’re here.

Thank you

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