Interview With Joey Pepper

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Joey Pepper has always been known for his talents on his board, but recently he’s been honing his skills in woodworking and making used boards into custom furniture and more. We caught up with Joey to see how he got started and why everything should be treated to last.

What’s up Joey, it’s been really cool to see all the projects you’re working on. How long have you been doing custom woodwork? I saw on your site that you do everything from canoes to lighting and re-purposing used skateboards into furniture, how did you get started in it all?

I started learning my way around a proper woodshop with good tools and machines around 2007. Apprenticing for a friend and learning on the job taught me a lot. A lot of the stuff I’ve built for myself over the years has been with limited funds, which is why I like building with recycled materials or just using what I have at the moment. Necessity is the mother of invention…or something like that.


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