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Interview With Joey Pepper

Joey Pepper has always been known for his talents on his board, but recently he’s been honing his skills in woodworking and making used boards into custom furniture and more. We caught up with Joey to see how he got started and why everything should be treated to last.

What’s up Joey, it’s been really cool to see all the projects you’re working on. How long have you been doing custom woodwork? I saw on your site that you do everything from canoes to lighting and re-purposing used skateboards into furniture, how did you get started in it all?

I started learning my way around a proper woodshop with good tools and machines around 2007. Apprenticing for a friend and learning on the job taught me a lot. A lot of the stuff I’ve built for myself over the years has been with limited funds, which is why I like building with recycled materials or just using what I have at the moment. Necessity is the mother of invention…or something like that.


Keep It Rolling


Keep it Rolling is an effort to help skateboard products get re-used and passed onto others who need them.

The new Deluxe board boxes double as ‘Keep It Rolling’ collection boxes for skate shops and their local communities to collect used skate gear and pass it onto organizations or people of their choice.

Together we can help others roll, create, and love skating as much as we do. Plus, it keeps skate products out of landfills and into the right hands.

Done is not done. Let’s Keep it Rolling.


Fall 1 THERE and Unity shipping today! Look for decks from Cher, Guest Artist Alicia McCarthy, and Marbie’s Reflect deck.

Hot off the Antihero deli counter-- the Grosso Dagwood. Eat heartily of the sandwich of life... Roast beef with everything.

Fall 1 boards from the REAL crew continue to roll in, ready to meet the streets, including the all new 'Masks' pro one-off for Mason Silva by DLX artist Clay Halling. Mood board inspired and approved. Can you believe Mason did that 5050 just for Instagram?! Must be nice…

Krooked Fall 1 boards are now in our warehouse. New wood from Gonz, Barbee, Manderson, Cromer and the rest of the squad. Comin' in hot is STEVEN CALES' Guest pro board. Hit the streets.

New Spitfire Fall Drop 1 apparel is starting to land at the DLX Plant. Including a new "Flamed Flying Classic" short sleeve tee, "Flamed Old English" long sleeve tee, and "451" pullover hoodie. Also, Leo Baker's new Formula Four Pro Editions with unique art for each wheel in 99DU 53MM Radials are just about gone. So grab some while you can.

More new Thunders for Fall are hitting the warehouse, including some bright Electroshock Hollow Lights in Candy Blue and Forged Green, 147 available now & 149 arriving soon.

Bobby Worrest and clean lines, enough said. Bobby’s new pinstripe Custom V-lights for Venture in 5.2HI and 5.6 are live.

And check it… super saver price breaks this week on these boards and trucks.  

Thanks – DLX

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